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ABA Therapy

Child led, compassion focused, Applied Behavior Analysis conducted in the comfort of your home or via telehealth. After an in-depth assessment, your child will receive a comprehensive treatment plan designed specifically for them. Each plan teaches necessary skills and focuses on helping individuals become as independent and productive as possible in all aspects of their lives. Whether it's teaching new skills or helping reduce ineffective behavior, we've got you covered!  

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Parent Consulting

Is there a specific situation that you’d like to discuss or process that you’d like to work through with more in-depth instruction? Does your child show unproductive behavior that you’d like to change? Do you need guidance to bring cohesiveness to your parenting and family needs? We will collaborate together in a positive, empowering, supportive, and empathic approach so that you have the tools necessary to make and maintain positive change within your home and community.

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Parent to Pro: Special Education Success

This online course will empower parents/caregivers to navigate the special education school system with ease. It will also help you understand terms, techniques, and the entire special education process. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to bring everything that you’ve learned into your home.

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"Your family's ABA experience should be positive, individualized, supportive, and collaborative.”

M E E T    J E N

Hi! My name is Jen Unangst and I’m a Licensed Social Worker and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Before all of that, I am a mom of two kids who are my world, one of which has special needs. My staff and I work hard to ensure that each child and family are treated as if they were our own. The entire practice focuses on compassion, respect, dignity, and collaboration. Through my long career of working with children and their families, and from the experience of being a parent of a special needs child, my true passion is helping individuals become as independent and successful as possible. I want every person and family with whom I work to create a life that they love and enjoy.



What Others Are Saying...

"Jen is compassionate, organized and efficient. She is knowledgeable with assessments and how to implement the results into programs for IEPs. Jen is wonderful with understanding and implementing a positive whole child approach."

Amanda Linder, K-2 Autism Teacher


"Jennifer is top notch in her craft as BCBA. She is not only a source of inspiration and information, when seeking her help for advice on behavioral methods she takes the time to listen and observe the child in the environment. After many observations she puts a plan into action that is feasible for the child, classroom teachers, and paraprofessionals". 

Danielle Torrone, Pre-K Disabled Teacher


"I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Unangst for over two years as her role of the BCBA for Middletown Township Schools. During this time she worked collaboratively with administration, the second district BCBA, teachers and parents to develop and implement successful plans to meet students' needs. Not only would Ms. Unangst create a suitable plan for the students, she would implement, model, and train staff on a consistent basis. She was receptive to feedback and collected data efficiently to drive future programing needs. She is someone who quickly took on this role in a big school district and established respect and is considered to be trustworthy."

Sharon Thimons, Assistant Principal C. R. Applegate School