In Home ABA

Our in home ABA Therapy provides learning and behavior interventions designed specifically to meet your child's individual needs.  After a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan development, our Behavior Technician (BT) will implement the programs, collect data, provide feedback, and have ongoing supervision with the BCBA.


Parent Consulting

Available for parents - Creating a cohesive, serene, and productive home environment through positivity, empowerment, and learning. These services are provided via telehealth. Parent consulting is a great way to work on specific techniques to help with ineffective behaviors or family disconnect. Each meeting is designed around your specific situation and what your child and family need. Let’s get everyone on the same page and reduce ineffective behavior!


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IEP Analysis Package

Prepare parents to tackle IEP meetings by going over each piece of their student’s IEP and giving expert direction and guidance. This is the perfect package for parents who are not ready to hire an advocate to go with them to a meeting, but want to make sure that their child is getting exactly what they deserve from the school. โ€‹โ€‹Expert review of your IEP now can save problems down the road and help you in your efforts to collaborate with the child study team on meeting your child's specific needs. Services include: Breakdown and explain the IEP, In depth IEP review, Review any assessments/documents, Ensure goals are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound, Develop action plan for parents to bring to the school, Curriculum Adaptations and Modifications, Related Services, Assistive Technology, and Transition Planning. 

Included in package: 1 meeting, records review, 1 meeting to follow up with IEP overview and next steps, and a comprehensive action plan.

Online Course: Parent to Pro

Navigating the special education school system is extremely challenging. The lingo alone is enough to be intimidating! Do you know all the terms and phrases being used in meetings and on official letters? How do you know if your child is in the right classroom setting? How do you know if they are working on the skills designed specifically for their needs, and how do you determine if your child needs supports, such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, ABA services, and so on? In order to answer these questions, you have to know what to ask and what your child deserves.

Parent to Pro can demystify the entire process! As parents/caregivers, you have rights. Your child has rights. Special education should be easily understandable where parents/caregivers feel supported, included, and part of the team. After you take the course, you'll know exactly what to ask for within the special education school system so that your child gets the best education possible, in the right setting, and with the right supports.


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