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Get your child the support they need and deserve, and learn techniques that you can use at home and in other settings. All services are carried out with  compassion, empathy, collaboration, and empowerment.

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Holistic approach by a BCBA, Social Worker, and special needs mom so that the whole family succeeds.

Is navigating ineffective behavior extremely challenging? Are you overwhelmed with trying to determine which skills are important to teach your child?  We can help!  Your child’s time is precious and should be maximized so that ABA Therapy focuses on skills that are meaningful to them. We ensure that the skills taught are impactful for each individual and designed specifically for their needs! 


Why Work with Jennifer Benna Consulting 

Our team provides progressive services while collaborating with and truly listening to the individuals and families that we serve.  As parents, you are part of our team! Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff are well trained in the most up to date practices of Applied Behavior Analysis. We are a data driven and evidence based practice that relies on the science of behavior to create individualized treatment plans. 

Throughout the entire process, we provide the support necessary for success. From our comprehensive intake procedures, to working with individuals, to providing parent training, to collaborating with other professionals, we make sure that each person feels confident in the techniques utilized. 


When you work with us, the entire experience is positive, individualized, supportive, and collaborative.


Feel Empowered

Learn how to implement the techniques yourself.  With parent training, you’ll learn the basic principles of ABA, how to reduce ineffective behaviors, and how to teach necessary skills.



Our thorough assessments provide a clear picture of your child's current skill set and a clear plan for future growth.

Skill Development

We treat every area of need: Communication Skills, Daily Living Skills, Social Skills, Behavioral Needs, and more. We also collaborate with schools and other professionals.


ABA Therapy and Parent Consulting

When the tools are provided and applied, the whole family thrives.


Positive transformations happen
when the right strategies are put in
place. Ineffective behaviors
decrease and a stressful household
turns into a cohesive home.


Learning different patterns of behavior, learning what professionals use in schools, and learning how to use the tools at home is how positive change happens. And it does happen!

The best way to help your child  grow is to learn the techniques and be consistent across settings.

Consistency is key.


I work with parents, I’ve used the techniques, and have watched the positive transformation. I’ve helped parents reshape their home and life from stressed and disheartened to empowered and at ease.

Take back your joy, help your family reconnect, and gain precious time.


Not only will this impact your child, you’ll create a happy family. There will be less yelling and more fun. Your family will enjoy spending quality time together.


With everyone on the same page, there will be no mixed messages, learning and interactions will be much more clear, and your child will make more progress.


Time spent on arguments, problematic behavior, and indecisiveness will be replaced with knowledge, understanding, and smooth interactions.

ABA Therapy and Parent Consulting

Create the family life you love filled with happiness, quality interactions, and understanding.


Working with me is easy!

I’m here to make sure that parents/caregivers feel empowered and know exactly how to get their child's needs met in all aspects of learning, living, and behavioral care. 

ABA Therapy and Parent Consulting

"This is exactly what I needed to help my son and family succeed!" 

Kristen S.


"Kind, considerate, and professional! Now my daughter has the right tools at home and school...finally!"

Barbara M.


"The threrapists feel like part of our family!"

Kate R.


M E E T    J E N

When working with children and their families, I practice a holistic approach and combine my Social Worker training with my accreditation as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) so that each family member gets exactly what they need. I obtained my BA in Psychology at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I received my Masters in Social Work at SUNY Buffalo and then began my career as a Licensed Social Worker, overseeing a Partial Hospitalization Program. It was then that my love for behavior interventions and desire to work with individuals with Autism and other neurodiversities was born. To make a greater impact in the field, I achieved my Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis. I've been in the field for over 20 years, working in a variety of settings, including schools, homes, and other facilities.

Don’t wait another minute to make positive change happen. Reach out via email or phone, book consulting, and let’s help your family thrive!

ABA Therapy and Parent Coaching